A small design firm located in the Laurentian hills of Quebec, the office of Douglas A Dawson Architecture and Design enjoys the natural surroundings of mature maple forests, Precambrian mountains, and crystal clear lakes. Drawing from these sources of natural beauty for both inspiration and guidance the office has been designing country residences catering to a wide range of clients and conditions. Operating jointly with local builders, this collaboration offers design/build services where client needs and concerns are addressed from initial design consultations to finishing details. The typical separation between design and building is unified into a seamless process where craftsmanship, design, and logistics combine to produce careful, considered and unique results.

Earning a degree in architecture in 1982 from Carleton University Douglas Dawson has devoted his attention for the last 30 years to the notion of housing for both low cost as well as high end projects. Regardless of the scope and budget of any project, the challenge has been, and continues to be, to design houses unique to the individuals while applying sane, human scaled architectural concepts. Driven by the need to produce efficient floor plans and tailored spaces, the houses are more of a modest nature as opposed to the monumental. The use of local, natural building materials of wood and stone keep these houses rooted in their environment and its occupants grounded in their homes.